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Full-Length Books

Full-Length Books

The Second Body (Poor Claudia, 2016)

My second book, The Second Body, is my first full-length collection of poetry. You can buy the book here. Some words about it:

Generous, violent, open, and dark, The Second Body continuously lays clear a self-other, and that self-other continuously extends into the universe. As a person, and a reader, I feel very thankful for that, to be in that kind of space, in that kind of literature.
Amina Cain, author of Creature

Claire Donato’s The Second Body answers and deepens the anxiety that I can’t stop feeling and that poetry like hers can’t stop making us feel. "I Will Not Die Here," "The Pleasure of Tearing Down the Forest," "Off to the Nervous Museum"—titles that unnerve you, set over writing that remains unnerving and yet is remarkably studied, political, socially engaged—particularly with the making and remaking of the female subject, necessarily and unashamedly sexualized, but in edgy, productively discordant registers.
John Cayley, P=R=O=G=R=A=M=M=A=T=O=L=O=G=Y

What is The Second Body? Alice in the pit of despair, humming pop songs and practicing inversions. The ocean, sex, void, women. Dead chickens. “Doves at the edge of the lake / Falling across the age of the computer.” A bomb going off on the patriarchy. Gloom and glee, bones and teeth: this is how Claire Donato is trying to describe the world to you.
Kate Durbin, author of E! Entertainment

When a speaker in Claire Donato’s poem “Grief Interlude” says, “I care in different meanings, none of / Which are paraphrasable,” we’re getting to the root of these poems, which will try everything to articulate the broken and reverent heart that made them. These poems are thick with music and formally rangy and sort of amazing for the things they actually did to me, among which: hurt; puzzle; astonish; delight. Which is to say—they moved me. They move me. Hard to paraphrase that too. 
Ross Gay, author of Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude

Claire Donato is a rare and beguiling voice. I am tempted to call her a sincere trickster—the love-child of Joseph Cornell and Carrie Brownstein, perhaps. There is great rigor beneath her verse, and her themes—the body in pain, supplementarity, simulacra, sexuality as textuality, the flexible borders of species-being—are striking in the precision of their arrangements, and the delicacy of their assembly, suspended between the suggestive and the vivid. "There are ways in which to see inside a person’s body using text," she writes, and her second body—an uncanny, rewarding companion—is well worth listening to.
Dominic Pettman, author of Love and Other Technologies

If you are interested in reviewing The Second Body, drop me a line.

Burial (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2013)

Burial is a lyric novel set in the mind of a narrator grieving the loss of her father. In preparation for the burial, she checks into a hotel, which she conflates with the morgue where his body is kept. A first-person narrative not driven by the first-person pronoun, the book grapples with ontology and relies on ambience rather than linear plot, presenting images as linguistic structures. The book’s sentences enact a burial of language, and words and phrases form thematic constellations.

Order Burial via Tarpaulin Sky Press or Small Press Distribution, not Amazon. Or visit your local library / aaarg.
Watch a short Burial video made in collaboration with David Jhave Johnston.

NoŽl (novel, in progress)

A psychogeographic fugue set in New York City and Southern California, NoŽl takes place in the mind of NoŽl, AKA No, who is trying to imagine the world without her in it. The book, which embeds art and cultural criticism, incorporates  an anonymous dating website modeled after Chatroulette; big box stores; flying model aircrafts; Joan Mirů’s humanoid-animal sculpture Moonbird; a mediated aloe plant; and uncanny yoga. Multi-layered and playful (but not whimsical), NoŽl is a meditation on the illogicality of being alive. Read an excerpt at PLINTH.

Object Despair (poetry manuscript, under consideration)

Black boxes, Mare Crisium, architectural theory. Cells and machines. IKEA furnishings. Oh, how lovely is this planet.

Gravity and Grace, The Chicken and the Egg, or: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (fiction manuscript, in progress)

A protagonist cooks vegetarian food to tend her broken heart, and meditates on love, death, evil, and the cloud. Read an excerpt at The Elephants; a second excerpt is in DIAGRAM.


Someone Else's Body (Cannibal Books, 2009). Edition of 300. Out-of-print.
Grief Ecology (The Cultural Society, 2010). Digital edition.

Selected Poetry

In Print
"Apology," "Asylum" and "Dedication" in Ninth Letter
"Ruby in C" in The Ill-Tempered Rubyist
"Cannonball in Blue, B-Flat Minor" in EDNA: Millay Colony for the Arts
"The Second Body Is a Shield" in Aufgabe
"So: A Baroque" in The Sonnets
"Manifesto La Terre / Mori" in Denver Quarterly
"I have some things to tell you" in Caketrain
"Scotch Taped Against the World" and "An Empty Barn" in Calaveras
"Credo for Clairvoyance" in Gulf Coast
Five poems in Dandelion (University of Calgary, Canada), guest eds. Jake Kennedy & Kevin McPherson Eckoff

Online (Selected)
"2001: A Space Odyssey," "The Architecture of This," "Utopia ⌘S," and "The Orphanage" in BathHouse Journal
"Fuck Knowledge: An Academic Lexicon Disrupted by a Body" in TYPO
"A Floating World of Errors," "Oh, How Lovely Is This Planet," "It Has Been Six Years," "Hymn," and "There Is No Right Time" in Folder
"Horse: A Triptych" and "The [Redacted]" in The Bennington Review
"Speculation on the Present" in The Stockholm Review of Literature
"Untitled (I Thought Myself Thinking You...)" in Sixth Finch
"Void," "No Responsibility," "You Can Go, U Can Go," and "Death Garden" at BOMB 
"Life in the Sky," "The Next," "Evasion as Fear of Lack of Indifference," "Nor Can I Do Whatever I Want," and "The Room Where I Live" at BOAAT
"Dead Meat," "Homecoming," and "Live Pluck" at Poor Claudia
"Consequences Notwithstanding," "I Am Sorry," and "What Was I Supposed to Learn" in Fanzine
"The Second Body" in PLINTH
Atelier Spatial America Prongs (ASAP): A Manifesto at Tarpaulin Sky Press
Excerpts from Aphorisms for Poems in The Sensation Feelings Journal
Excerpt from "Poetry Is Special America" in PEN America
"Chopping with Blue Down" (1, 2) in NO÷ Journal, guest edited by Carrie Lorig
"Order and Kinetics" in Boston Review
Five poems in N/A
Excerpts from Aphorisms for Poems in Truck, guest edited by Maria Damon
"Argumentum e Silentio" in 1913: a journal of forms
"Catalogue Entry for Aging" and "There are apologies I am too" at Harp & Altar
Hear me read "Catalogue Entry for Aging" at The Poetry Project
"Off to the Nervous Museum" in Octopus
"Morning Sadness" and "The poet said those years she felt depressed" in Fou
"In the Wake of Freezing You to Death" in BOMB, w/art by Carl Ferrero
"Mint Fetish," "Mimesis Abyss" and "Bird-Wool Must Buy" in Action Yes
"The Pleasure of Tearing Down the Forest" in Typo

Selected Prose

Fiction (In Print & Online)
"Donnie Darko"in Fanzine.
Excerpts from Gravity and Grace, The Chicken and the Egg, or: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian in DIAGRAM.
Excerpts from Gravity and Grace, The Chicken and the Egg, or: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian in The Elephants
"The Thought Has a Mind of Its Own" from NoŽl in PLINTH
"Check-In" from Burial in The Organism for Poetic Research (NYU)'s PELT
"Friends" from Burial in LIT
"The New Father" in Black Warrior Review
50 Words from Noel in Wigleaf
50 Words from Burial for Mud Luscious Press's Stamp Stories Project
"Martian Sequence" in Dewclaw
Two pieces in Gustaf (Oslo, Norway)

Selected Non-Fiction: Lyric Essays, Hybrid Forms & Peculiar Critical Writing
"Empathy" in Fanzine
"Stranger Situation" in The Believer
"Siblings Not Siblings" (a collaboration with Mark Baumer) at Tarpaulin Sky
"I Love You in the Grocery Store: An Interview with Caitlin Pasko" at Fanzine
"Punching Bag" at Territory
"Thirst" at Fanzine
"Beside Ourselves: An Interview with Kristin Hayter (AKA Lingua Ignota)" at SPACE Gallery
"It Would Have Been a Shame to Let Some Other Woman Have It: On Joanna Newsom's Divers" in Fanzine
"Everyone Please Stop Listening to the Money: An AOL Instant Messenger Interview with Mark Baumer" in HTMLGiant
"Eleven Drones to Accompany a Montage Consisting of Several Centers of Gravity" in Fanzine
Response to "The Second Body" for Poetry Society of America: In Their Own Words
"Starling," "Malbec," " Pedagogy," "Pink Tablet," and "Poststructural Feminism" forthcoming in Encyclopedia Vol. 3: L-Z (in press)
"Wish You Were Here: The Perks of Being Banned" for PEN American Center
"25 Points on Amina Cain's Creature" at HTMLGiant
"Signed with Love From: On Meg Baird's Seasons on Earth" in The Rumpus
"What I Learned from Discipline" in The Volta
"Address to the Long Road" (Joanna Newsom essay) in Coldfront (printable PDF version)

Selected Magazine & Miscellaneous Writing
Lingua Ignota's Liturgical Noise Is a Celebration of Obliteration in VICE's Noisey
"Enough, enough, enough, enough, enough: Perfume Genius' Unlearning" in FANZINE
"Poet in Residence: Germantown High School" in the Millay Colony for the Arts's Barn Swallow
Various articles in ReadyMade Nos. 34 & 35