I am available to perform for your special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, funeral, wake, graduation, baby shower, housewarming, grand opening, groundbreaking ceremony, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, baptism, parade, political rally, pep rally, homecoming dance, prom, luau, debutante ball, awards banquet, classroom lecture, senior recital, corporate function, company retreat, team-building seminar, retirement party, small press fundraiser, art auction, charity mixer, summer barbeque, wine tasting, clothing swap, food truck rally, flea market, stoop sale, donor party, frat party, Pride parade, vow renewal ceremony, prayer breakfast, ritual sacrifice, bachelor party, bachelorette party, bicentennial celebration, over-the-hill party, class reunion, family reunion, rain dance, summer barbeque, holiday fête, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera, X-mas party, Kwanzaa celebration, Oktoberfest, Miss Teen Autumn Leaf Festival Pageant, Battle of the Bands, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl party, National Book Critics Circle Awards ceremony, MTV Movie Awards, the Oscars, Grammy’s, Tony Awards, &c., &c., I am there for you.

Contact me via email at somanytumbleweeds AT gmail DOT com, or via Twitter.

I never update this blog, a carcass of my former self, nor do I currently use Instagram.



Dear Erica Ammann, I am writing this letter to you
Todd Anderson's digital language art
Darren Angle, a deep breath
Willis Arnold, multimedia journalist
Mallery Avidon, playwright
Jason Bacasa, LA-based designer
Steph Barnard, whom I met on the Internet at age 10
Mark Baumer forever
Jim Baumer, a Maine-based writer
Hayden Bennett lives in New York City
Steph Boluk & Pat LeMieux's metagames
Amaranth Borsuk's textual materiality
Peter Bussigel: the promise of electrons; the truth of cardboard and glue
Blake Butler pitches minds and bodies into oblivion
Amina Cain's language moves and settles
John Cayley lives in Special America
Heather Christle the sky the tree circumscribes
Stephen Lawrence Clark's adversarial systems
Patty Yumi Cottrell is my sister
Kevin McPherson Eckhoff pretends to be many things
Carl Ferrero sees you in my head
DW Gibson's oral histories
Evelyn Hampton's sonic lattices
Savannah Hampton and I are in a healing club
Ian Hatcher text sound code live
Kristin Hayter (AKA Lingua Ignota): that this earthly kingdom will be burned for all to see
Jhave: & & &
Jeff T. Johnson re/vi/se
Justin Katko brought over bags full of books
Jake Kennedy is trying to think through some abstractions
Andrew Klobucar and the algorithmic impulse
Gracie Leavitt to make the going predicate
Talan Memmott. Talan Memmott. Talan Memmott.
Judd Morrissey's anatomical theatres of mixed reality
Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi in my mind
Dominic Pettman's phanto-cartographical missives
Danniel Schoonebeek spare American gothic
Cam Scott comes over for dinner
Julie Sokolow's words flying through the air
Ed Steck, old friend

Recommendations & Other Affinities

Armageddon Record Shop in Providence, RI
Babycastles Gallery: indie games in NYC
Brooklyn Open Acupuncture's Elizabeth Bishop is a healer
Caliban Book Shop & Desolation Row Records: once upon a time, I sold books and records
Clementine vegan/gluten-free bakery
Joanna Newsom is one of my favorite musicians
The Millay Colony for the Arts, where I spent one month writing a novel
Meet me at the Park Slope Food Coop
The Shala, ashtanga yoga in New York City
Small Press Distribution 4ever
SOFTLab and suckerPUNCH: architects Mike & Abby, my former co-teachers
Tim Hecker: haunt me, haunt me do it again
Unnameable Books, my friend Adam's bookstore
Vacation Vinyl, my favorite record store in Los Angeles
Zen Mountain Monastery / Fire Lotus Temple touched my heart-mind