Claire Donato
b. 1986 in Wilmington, DE
Grew up in and around Pittsburgh, PA
Lives in Brooklyn, NY
Author of Burial (Tarpaulin Sky Press), The Second Body (Poor Claudia), & Someone Else's Body (Cannibal Books)
Virgo, Aquarius rising, Capricorn moon
Usually wears glasses

Five-Paragraph Bio:

I am a writer thinking about animals, architecture, climate change, love, the ocean, pedagogy, psychoanalysis, suffering, and synaesthesia.

As a young millennial, I received an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University, where I studied writing across genres and won the John Hawkes Prize in Fiction (judged by Robert Coover) for my not-novel Burial, which was published by Tarpaulin Sky Press. Prior to attending Brown, I received a BA (summa cum laude) from the University of Pittsburgh. My second book and first full-length collection of poems, The Second Body, was published by Poor Claudia in 2016, and will be republished by Tarpaulin Sky in 2020. Recently completed projects are Kind Mirrors, Ugly Ghosts, a short story collection, and Gravity and Grace, The Chicken and the Egg, or: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, a novel. I am at work on To Hell, with Boundaries, a cross-genre manuscript, and I Was Not Sexual in the Zendo, a meditation on renunciation told through the perspective of an adjunct professor living in a Zen Buddhist monastery.

Some dead things that are alive in me are my first language (French) and my Catholic ancestry. I practice Zen and live with one cat and ~50 houseplants. I also recently began writing songs after taking 13 years off from singing. You can listen to them here.

Currently, I am an Adjunct Associate Professor in the BFA and MFA Writing Programs at Pratt Institute, where I received the 2020-21 all-campus Distinguished Teacher Award. I have also taught courses at The Cooper Union, Parsons (The New School for Design), Brown University, Fordham University, and 826 NYC. From 2016-2017, I was a Digital Studies Center Fellow at Rutgers University.

In sum, I've been practicing yoga since I was 16 and can often be found 1) cooking vegetables, watering plants, listening to records; 2) running middle-to-long distances; or 3) lost without a mask in the funhouse.